President Koroma Commends World Bank Group

President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma Tuesday 30th May 2017 praised the Vice President and Operating Officer of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of the World Bank Group (WBG), Karin Finkelston and the Vice President of Development Finance of the WBG, Axel van Trotsenburg for their timely interventions in support of the private sector in Africa.

He made the acknowledgement at a meeting with the World Bank Group and MIGA executives at State House in Freetown. Government, President Koroma maintained, is set for additional engagement with the private sector in Sierra Leone.

Both Axel van Trotsenburg and Karin Finkelston thanked President Koroma for opening Monday’s Development Finance Forum and reported that strong messages on private partnership dialogue emerged during their group discussions.

Axel van Trotsenburg suggested a dialogue with all partners including the international community and noted that the interest of fragile states needs to be intensified as the Bank has seen a lot of positive feedbacks. He disclosed that the Bank would ensure that Africa and Sierra Leone in particular have a lot of engagements going forward.

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