Sia_koromsBorn on the 19th March 1958 to Danke Koroma a schoolteacher and Abu Aiah Koroma a Lawyer, turned politician and later on Presidential aspirant in the 1996 elections, Sia Nyama Koroma was destined to serve the people of Sierra Leone in some capacity. She had the timely experience and training, coming from a prominent political family in Sierra Leone. Her father being a Circuit Magistrate at the time, Sia Koroma spent her early years at various primary schools around the Country as her Father was being posted from one place to another. For Secondary education, she settled at the Annie Walsh Secondary School up until 6th Form where she graduated as a Science student. She proceeded to London for further studies which culminated in her gaining a Masters in Organic Chemistry. She started her working life at the Sierra Leone Petroleum Refinery where she rose to the position of Chief Chemist. Her duties at the Petroleum Refinery included routine quality control of petroleum products, management of subordinate staff team and other senior management responsibilities. While she was working at the Sierra Leone Petroleum Refinery she met a young man by the name of Ernest Bai Koroma. He courted and wooed her for a while and they eventually settled down as married husband and wife in at the King Memorial UMC Church in Freetown on 18th October 1986.

After her stint at the Sierra Leone Petroleum Refinery, she was engaged as a private consultant to companies interested in developing petroleum interests in Sierra Leone.

Sia Nyama Koroma moved to the UK during the interregnum when like the rest of the Country, the family was faced with uncertainty especially given that Sierra Leone was in the throes of a civil war. In such difficult situations, the Family had to make a decision to split up with Sia taking the responsibility to look after the two girls in London whilst Ernest took a graver decision to come back to Sierra Leone at the earliest opportunity in order to fight to keep the APC Party together as a credible political party ready for Government. The Family was kept together by their strong bond and faith in God and the future of Sierra Leone.

In order to manage her family situation and maintain a strong influence over the upbringing of her children, Sia Nyama Koroma undertook retraining and qualified as a Psychiatric Nurse whilst the family sojourned in the UK. In this position, her qualities of empathy for the suffering, fortitude in defending the defenceless and steadfastness in her sense of purpose led her to reach senior management position in this occupation. She left active Nursing service in 2006 to move back to Sierra Leone so that she can provide support to her Husband as the General Elections were getting closer.

Sia Nyama hails from the Kono District where her father Aiah Koroma was a well renowned political figure. Her family's influence in Kono was firmly demonstrated when during the recent local elections and by her direct efforts, the APC was returned as the party with the majority of the seats across the Kono District.
Sia Nyama is well respected across Sierra Leone where she is referred to as the Mother of the Nation. She has embarked on a public campaign to support women and children in Sierra Leone, setting herself to work for the enhancement of the standard of life for the most poor and vulnerable groups.

She has directed her efforts to work towards reducing infant and maternal mortality in Sierra Leone, supporting the Government's target to reduce these statistics by 30% of the 2005 figures by 2010. Her main aim for her tenure of office is to ensure that she makes a difference to poor people's lives by doing the sort of things that will set an imprint on the sands of time.

Sia Nyama Koroma's vision is to see the Children of Sierra Leone benefiting from a caring and supportive environment, enabling them to fulfil their life's ambitions in a society free from violence and war. She is also committed to enhancing the welfare of women, working towards a fair and equitable society where women are allowed to achieve high public and private office in accordance with their qualification and desire to serve the nation.

She has spent a considerable amount of her time since assuming the position of First Lady to promote her vision and at the same time use her profile to support Government and policy makers in reaching timely decisions that enhances the standard of life for women and Children.

Sia Nyama has embarked on a journey of public service entrusted upon her by virtue of her family circumstances. She has made a public commitment to serving Sierra Leone. Whenever she travels abroad, she presents herself as a worthy advocate for the poor and vulnerable in this Country, using the profile of her office to raise pertinent issues about the situation in Sierra Leone. She is concerned about those affected by the war as well as those suffering as a consequence of the war. She is also concerned about the plight of rural women, working to improve their access to education, skills and financial resources. In the short time, she has been able to raise the profile of Sierra Leone in the Middle East as a result of a visit to the UAE. At the recent AU Summit in Egypt, she was elected as a regional committee member for West Africa at the prestigious Association of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS. Her profile has been significantly raised even in the international arena as she supports her husband to build a worthy future for all Sierra Leoneans.