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Sia_koromsFirst Lady Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma has rejuvenated the national civic education campaign targeting 2.5M school children across the country. "Basically, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has approved the books meant for the civic education for Classes 1 to 6, which would be printed soon. We are going to start a pilot face of this education campaign across the country," Mrs. Eileen West, Project Coordinator for the 'First Lady Attitudinal Change in School' disclosed.
The country's First Lady developed this concept following the 2008 Independence speech of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. She is of the firm conviction that this would create considerable impact on the lives of the children and the nation in general, adding that it is better to catch them young. According to the Coordinator, the project is primarily aimed at educating children at primary school level so that they would be able to inculcate the attitude of nationalism and patriotism. "We believe genuinely that this sensitization will make the children learn how to demonstrate and implement good attitude, which is why we are targeting them at an early stage so that they will serve as agents of change in various societies," Madam West stated. She also disclosed that the project would be extended to secondary and university level as time goes by. "It will also bring positive change in behavioral patterns, which would be vigorously taught across the nation," she maintained. This education, she noted, would provide the children the required civic learning which will promote good citizenship, selfless service and the ability and desire to have the country at heart. The campaigners believe that this would also yield good results as long as the children are adequately orientated and guided with regards nation building and development. Madam West furthered that the package contains a wide range of benefits for children living in Sierra Leone. She disclosed that they work in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and they have been given an instruction to use their teachers in each and every area to help in the sensitization and teaching exercise. This, she insists, will improve on their moral behavior in serving the country in the long run.