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Child Marriage

 My name is Mabinty Kamara, When i was 12, my father gave me away to marry an old business man called pa musa. I am from a poor family. Pa Musa Was a wealthy businessman, he paid my father lots of money in exchange for my hand in marriage. I was a student, but since i got married to Pa musa, he stopped me from going to school.

IMG_1990Pa musa humilates me everyday and i do all the house work. I face molestation and constant beating from his older wives, he takes me to bed everyday and i have given birth to two children, i was lucky to survive the third pregnancy, the child wasn't so lucky, she died shortly after I gave birth. I threatened to report to the police but he said that I'm his wife and that their is nothing the police can do to him.My life is a living hell,I want to go back to my parents.I want to go back to school,i want to be able to play with my brothers again.All i want is to be a girl once again.There are lots of girls like Mabinty, suffering in silence. It is a criminal offence to give your underage child away to marriage. Underage Girls that get married suffer alot.They are been beaten, taunted, abused, and they are  not allowed to go to school. Underage girls are not fully matured to go through pregnancy or to even give birth.The mother and child may die.Religious and traditional leaders must intervene to help stop early child married, always report to the Sierra Leone Police, your local chief, headman or to any child centered NGO that operate in the area you live.To marry a child is not religious or traditional it is a crime. Allow your girl child to become the next Dr Christiana Thorpe, Madam Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh or even the first lady Sia Nyama Koroma. Poverty is not an excuse for your action. If you are caught you will be brought before the law.Stop early child marriage and give your girl child a bright future.This message is brought to you by the Ministry Of Social Welfare Gender And Children Affairs and supported by Plan Sierra Leone.