donationThe Charity arm of Neptune Company limited Aurora has through the Office of the First Lady provided assorted food items for various communities in the Western Area. The items are estimated to worth one hundred and twenty five million leones. Kojo Kwafo reports Most families in Sierra Leone cannot afford to stock food for three consecutive days without the ability to go out and fend for more. It is with this in mind that Aurora the Charity arm of Neptune Company who recently won a government contract to manage fish landing sites decided to provide food for those in need in various communities in the western area especially in the Fishing communities in which they operate.

The Tombo Community, an orphanage in Grafton, Ebola survivors and their families at devil hole, the Goderich Community and the homeless along the central business district are some of the beneficiaries of the gesture. The items include Rice, onions, magi, cooking oil and salt. Paul is Neptune Company's representative in Sierra Leone. At the Devil hole Community this girl is the only survivor out of a family of ten. Rugiatu Bangura from the Office of the First Lady encouraged the beneficiaries to abide by the by-laws and report people who show signs of illness. At  Goderich the Honorable Member of Parliament Dauda Kallon praised the Neptune Company and advised the community members to take good care of the fish landing site as thieves have already caused significant damage to the facility. He thanked the First Lady for her tireless efforts to reduce the suffering of women and children in Sierra Leone.