First_LadyFollowing the International Conference of African Heads of State in 2009, the idea of Campaign for the Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa   (CARMMA) was conceived. As part of Government's commitment and in response towards improving the poor reproductive health indicators for women and newborn in  Sierra Leone, CARMMA was launched in 2010 by the 1st Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone. The day March 27th 2010 was declared by Mrs. Koroma, First  Lady  of  the  Republic of  Sierra  Leone  as  Safe  Motherhood Day.  It  is  a  day  to  reflect  on  women's  reproductive  health issues,  how  far  we  have  gone  in  addressing  them  and   its challenges.

Soon  after  the  lunch  of  CARMMA,  a  Free  Health Care Initiative was launched by President Earnest Bia Koroma to increase  access  to  health  care  for pregnant  women,  lactating mothers, and children under five. The  CARMMA  Campaign  has  created  the  platform  to  raise awareness  and  increase  knowledge  of      Paramount  Chiefs, Religious   Leaders,   Women's  Leaders   and   Young   People   in making    the    right    decision    of    their    reproductive    health. CARMMA  Committees  have  been  established  with  Traditional and  religious  leader's  networks,  bye  laws  to  ensure  women deliver  at  health  facilities,  birth  waiting  homes  and  women support  groups  involved  in  community engagement  to  support the campaign in the reduction of Maternal and Infant Mortality in the country. The Office of the First Lady (OFL) of the Republic of    Sierra    Leone    is    strategically    placed    to    complement government's  effort  in  reaching  out  to  vulnerable  groups  and remains  committed  to  improving  the  quality  of  lives  of  women and    children    through    the    implementation    of    advocacy programs.   Mrs   Sia   Nyama   Koroma   has   been   actively engaged  in  programs  targeting  pregnant  women  including teenagers,  lactating  mothers,  newborns  and  the  under-fives.
CARMMA is a Flagship project under the office of the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Her Excellency, Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma advocating for access to quality maternal and neonatal services directed at reducing maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.  The  campaign  has  been  carried  out  all  over  the  14 districts in the country. Traditional, Religious leaders and young people are  key  partners  used  and  trained  as  advocates  in  the reduction  of  maternal  and  infant  mortality  reduction  campaign and  the  reduction  of  teenage  pregnancy  and  child  marriage  at rural      communities.      This      campaign      is      attended      by developmental partners,   health   care   workers   and   pregnant women and lactating mothers.  The issues  of  women,  young  girls  and children's  health  are  the priority    list    of    the    First    Lady's    agenda    to    complement government's agenda  for  prosperity.  Equally important to OFL is  the  delivery  of  a  comprehensive  package  of interventions
through awareness creation and gender-sensitive approach in rebuilding the confidence  of  Health  care providers  in  a  post-Ebola situation.


Complement the Government of Sierra Leone in delivering
quality health care, education and empowerment of
vulnerable women and children

A Sierra Leone where maternal mortality and child morbidity
are reduced with access to primary education, skills training
for young people and political and socio-economic
opportunities for rural women.