WE CARE SOLAR has demonstrated the use of Solar Suitcase and it's effect to the First Lady Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma at her office at state lodge. PDF Print E-mail
dscf4611Presenting the group, US ambassador Michael Owen said We Care Solar have developed technology that will create tremendous impact in the lives of Sierra Leoneans especially, and boast the services of the health sector in rural areas. He said the embassy will find ways of encouraging donors to support the idea. Demonstrating the use of the Solar suitcase, Co-Founder and Executive director Lura Stachel said the bigger solar system which was used in Kofan Gayan Hospital Northern Nigeria to power blood bank refrigerator helped in reducing Maternal Mortality reduction by %70. She said that inspired them in creating the smaller solar suitcases.  She said the Solar Suitcase brings light and power to health care workers around the world, allowing them to assess emergencies and administer timely care using dependable lighting and communications technology. It's portable, safe, efficient and makes solar power simple enough for anyone to use. Laura Stachel said she has given out seven solar systems and will later offer sixteen to the Ministry of health. She said UNFPA and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation have shown interest to purchase more solar suitcase to be distributed at PHU's across the country. She said the solar suitcase are used to do C Sections, deliveries, charge cell phones to call for ambulances, charge batteries and also provide foetal scope to monitor the baby's heart beat.  The case also provides head lights which MCH Aids use during delivery and work from home to hospital. Responding to the team the First Lady thanked them for what she described as ingenious efforts. She pointed out that this is what is needed in the rural clinics, to help save lives and reduce Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone. She emphasised on training to ensure lasting use. Each solar light last for 20 year and cost $ 1,500 and the batteries last 2 years which cost $ 20.