First Lady Awards Le 70 million Scholarships in Kono PDF Print E-mail

In her relentless efforts to compliment the work of the President, First Lady Mrs.Sia Nyama Koroma has awarded scholarships worth over 70 Million Leones(Le 70,000,000) and school learning materials like lap desks to needy children in the fourteen chiefdoms in Kono. This was made possible through the First Lady’s Attitudinal Change in Schools (FLAXIS) educational project aimed at promoting education

. Kono District , Eastern Sierra Leone is one of the deprived and underprivileged  districts in Sierra Leone.   Awarding the scholarships, First Lady Sia Nyama Koroma said that in every society, education connotes acquisition of something good, something worthwhile. She added that education is the process through which individuals are made functional members of their respective societies. “the FLAXIS educational project has as its goal the training of the heart to desire what is good, and the will to choose and desire what is right, as well as the mind to understand how to live respectfully as real citizens in Sierra Leone and the rest of the world” said Mrs Koroma. First Lady maintained that “we aim to promote education far and wide because we believe that the hearts of our children need to be reformed and purified”. She noted that we have also provided scholarships for Kono descendants who live in the Western Area who are enrolled in colleges and tertiary institutions. Mrs Koroma stated that no nation can afford to neglect the education of her citizens because it is the vehicle conveying quality development of any nation. “I absolutely agree with social commentators that education is the key to the development of human capital, which is the basis of national economic development.”  maxs-1The First Lady reiterated that education is also one of the important fundamental rights of individuals. Articles 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulate among other things that “everyone has the right to education.” She said it is my belief that with the proper education, we can raise healthy and productive individuals in our society who will be physically, physiologically, socially, and mentally well developed. The First Lady disclosed that as part of her project she will be coming out with text books on “Citizens Education on attitudinal and behavioural change in Sierra Leone”. In his statement on the value of education in Kono, Professor Gbamanja explained that education is necessary for development. He added one of the biggest challenges in Kono is scholarships, noting that there are many needy brilliant children in Kono who lack scholarships to further their education. Professor Gbamanja revealed that Kono does not have tertiary institutions, adding that Kono needs a polytechnic. He noted that it is time for people to stay in Kono and attend tertiary institutions. Deputy Minister of Education Algassimu Jah pledged government’s commitment in strengthening the education sector in Kono. He said that government is working to bring a polytechnic institute to Kono. Mr Jah encouraged parents to send their children to school. For this academic school year, the First Lady has awarded Le 320 million scholarships country wide. One of the beneficiaries thanked the First Lady and her donors like Cape Lambert, Redcoat, Moore Mining and host of others. He promised that they will utilze the scholarships for its intended purposes.