Visit of Ms. Sierra Leone to First Lady Mrs Sia Nyama Koroma PDF Print E-mail
dscf3427This past week, the newly crowned Ms. Sierra Leone, Natasha Beckley was formally presented to First Lady, Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma and Second Lady, Mrs. Khadija SamSumana at the Presidential Lodge. Director of Cultural Affairs, Mr. Foday Jalloh expressed his enthusiasm for the new Ms. Sierra Leone and her special title as Ms. Golden Jubilee. Mr. Foday Jalloh described Ms. Beckley as a beauty queen with a difference and his sight of her as a top contender in the upcoming Ms. World competition to be held in London. He went on to describe  Ms. Beckely as a cultural flagbearer of Sierra Leone. He positioned culture as an important tool for creating a friendly investor climate in Sierra Leone. As cultural flagbearer, Mr. Jalloh made it clear that it was important for the government and the Sierra Leone nation at large to support Ms. Beckley as she prepares to compete on a global stage. Ms. Beckley expressed her honor to be in the presence of the First and Second Lady and commended their work on women’s health and attitudinal change. She went on to say that as Ms. Sierra Leone she would help to bring more attention to their work. She also added that to be successful at the Ms. World competition she would need the support of the government of Sierra Leone. She noted that the visible presence of government support, specifically the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, at the Ms. World competition was an important factor that competition judges look for in determining Ms. World. She stated boldly that beauty was not her focus and that the essence of her work was what she does for the Republic of Sierra Leone. She went on to discuss her own work in Sierra Leone with school girls, particularly providing education scholarships and social support to girl students. Ms. Beckley gave special thanks to her family (many of whom were present), stating that it was their unending support that allowed her to be where she is at the present. The second lady, Mrs. dscf3426Khadija SamSumana also congratulated Ms. Beckley, specifically stating that she deserves recognition but also making clear that Ms. Beckley is now a role model for young girls in Sierra Leone and is in the position to work towards the further empowerment of women in the nation. She noted potential synergies between the goals of Ms. Beckley and her own work to combat teenage pregnancy and promote education amongst girls in Sierra Leone. Her excellency, Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma also expressed her congratulations to Ms. Beckley, stating that her new title as Ms. Sierra Leone further demonstrated that there is peace in Sierra Leone. Her excellency noted Ms. Beckley’s internal and external beauty, particularly her intelligence and confidence. Mrs. Koroma advised Ms. Beckley to not be intimidated as she competes for the Ms. World title and expressed her open support for Ms. Beckley’s endeavors as Ms. Sierra Leone.

eone, madame Golden Jubilee.