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The First Lady Republic of Sierra Leone Her Excellency Mrs Sia Nyama Koroma presented the Attitudinal Change booklets for schools to His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma President Republic of Sierra Leone at State House in Freetown.
Presenting the booklets Mrs Sia Koroma indicated that the project to change the attitudes of school children was in line with the call of the President for attitude change in the society. The First Lady Attitude Change In Schools FLAXIS she continued seeks to address violence, abortion and early pregnancy among school children.
The First Lady reiterated the project would raise the awareness and promote the message of peace through the booklets. Mrs Sia Koroma intimated that the project has attracted renown educationists as writers and editors and she had no doubt that the booklets would change the attitude of school children. Attitude change she went on depended on the change of heart and admonished teachers and school children to support the clarion call for attitude change in schools.

Receiving the booklets His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma thanked the writers and editors for the time spent to research and put the reading materials into a booklet to change the attitudes of school children.
The President indicated that a lot of people did not know where he came from and reiterated he had tasted the bitterness of the civil war. Against this background when he was elected President he saw the need to make the clarion call for attitude change in the society as a perquisite for development. He said since he made the call he was happy that organizations have embraced it.
The President stressed that nobody would develop Sierra Leone but only Sierra Leoneans and that can only be achieved with a change in attitude. He admonished every Sierra
Leonean to embraced unity and avoid ethnic and religious divisions.
President Koroma expressed appreciation for the First Lady championing attitude change in the schools in response to his call for attitudinal and behavioral change in Sierra Leone. He thanked the First Lady for the desire to target the minds of young people with regards love for their country and respect for elders.
The President indicated he was convinced that what we needed was a change of attitudes and behavior and called on other organizations to copy FLAXIS
Earlier Rev Dr Canon Modupe Taylor Pearce a member of the FLAXIS project reminded the President of his clarion call for attitude change and reiterated that the call was more appropriate for school children.
He recalled how the First Lady had a one and one question and answer session with school children on attitude change at the Annie Walsh Memorial School in Freetown.
The Rev Dr Canon Taylor Pearce intimated that through the FLAXIS project characters should be changed and that the country was ready to achieve greatness under the leadership of President Koroma. He described the President as the catalyst for attitude change and his call he went on has indeed rang a bell in the minds of he people.
He said the project rested on practical, positive, planned, productive, and perseverance.
Mr Julius Fisher one of the writers of the draft text books on Citizenship Education for Attitudinal and Behavioral Change in Schools said the books have targeted primary